A to Z Glossary of Circus Competencies and Juggling Equipment Prop Definitions

This glossary contains basic descriptions of props you are possible to uncover if you go to a Juggling / Circus Abilities Workshop. “Juggling” in a general sense can refer to all types of item manipulation these kinds of as diabolo, devilsticks, spinning plates etc, so it is much more than just the artwork of throwing a number of objects in the air at the exact same time!

Astrojax – A toy that incorporates 3 balls on a string. One ball is set to each and every conclusion of the string and the center ball is absolutely free to slide between the two end balls. This ability toy makes it possible for you to do a combination of juggling, yo-yo and lasso methods. It was invented in 1987.

Bar Flair – The exercise of bartenders entertaining their attendees although mixing drinks (these types of as cocktails) applying bottles, cocktail shakers and many others. “Aptitude” can contain juggling and flipping the bottles, catching in the shaker cups and so on. This skill turned well-liked when viewed on the 1988 movie “Cocktail” starring Tom Cruise and on Britain’s Bought Talent exactly where the Bar Wizards manufactured it all the way to the Grand Ultimate in 2007.

Beach front Flingo – A video game where you pass a little ball between by yourself and a associate employing a bib that is manufactured of trampoline kind cloth. Incredibly addictive and you can use these bibs to participate in volleyball or for a massive team match of keepy-uppy’s!

Bounce (Flooring) Juggling – The artwork of bouncing balls off the flooring in several juggling designs.

Cigar Box Manipulation – A few rectangular formed containers which resemble cigar boxes but are much much more stable. They are generally padded at the edges with a felt-like substance. The simple tips involve keeping the two outer boxes, trapping one particular box in the middle (recognized as the “household posture”) and then manipulating the center box in different instructions. W. C. Fields popularised this prop, and it acquired reputation in the Uk when Kris Kremo performed expertly with them on TV’s The Era Activity Christmas Unique in 1993.

Club (Juggling) – One of the primary juggling props. It is composed of a handle and a system. You toss from the deal with so that the club completes a person or more spins before you capture by the handle once once again. Referred to as “pins” and “skittles” by our American buddies or “torches” if they are set alight!

Club Rolling – When you roll a club on the flooring, it will roll in a excellent circle. This permits lots of wonderful and fascinating styles to be designed with 3 or 6 clubs.

Club Swinging – The swinging of two golf equipment all around the physique, arms and legs. This is a form of Get hold of Juggling as the props continue to be in speak to with the performer at all occasions.

Contact Juggling – a sort of object manipulation the place 1 or more objects continue to be in get in touch with with the entire body (arms, ft etcetera) at all instances. The most common type of speak to juggling is employing a ball (ordinarily an acrylic or phase ball). This was created common in the film Labyrinth. Other props you can get hold of juggle with include Poi Spinning, Club Swinging & Pen Spinning.

Diabolo – A significant hourglass formed item which can be spun and caught on a string between two handsticks. The identify is derived from a Greek verb that means “‘to toss throughout”. Many diabolo’s can be spun on a string, and the choices for this prop preserve on expanding just about every 12 months with new people today pushing the boundaries!

Devilstick (also regarded as satan adhere, rhythm sticks, lunastix etcetera) – This is made up of 2 handsticks (coated in rubber/silicone) and a bigger stick in the center which is manipulated in hundreds of different ways. Flowersticks have tassles on the stop which let it to shift a little bit slower in the air (creating tricks a lot easier to discover).

Feather Balancing – One particular of the least complicated objects to stability as they go so bit by bit in the air. Peacock and Ostrich feathers are suitable. Consider balancing on your hand, finger, chin, nose and so forth.

Fire Juggler/Juggling – Lots of of the Circus Abilities props featured in this glossary have variations with wicks you can soak in fuel (this kind of as paraffin) and gentle on hearth. The key hearth props include Hearth Poi, Hearth Staff members, Fire Devilstick, Hearth Diabolo, Fireplace Clubs and even Fireplace Balls (you may perhaps want kevlar gloves to be equipped to juggle these!)

Giraffe – Tall unicycle (typically concerning 5-6ft) exactly where the pedals & wheel are connected by a chain. It can actually be less complicated to trip than a standard sized Unicycle as prolonged as you usually are not frightened of heights!

Glow Juggler/Juggling – Numerous of the Circus Techniques props featured in this glossary have variations which you can light up. The much more costly glow props will even let you programme light-weight sequences! Most typical glow props include Glow Poi, Glow Balls, Glow Diabolo, Glow Devilstick, Glow Rings, Glow Golf equipment & Glow Personnel.

Hat Manipulation/Juggling – Throwing and catching one particular or much more hats working with hands, ft, entire body and head. Methods normally end with the hat currently being thrown or put back on the performers head.

Jitter-Ring / Gyro Ring – The Jitter ring is truly just 5 tiny tops of marginally unconventional design which are strung on to a metal ring so that they can freely spin. The discs can spin up to 1000 rpm! Can make a quite pleasing rattling spinning sounds.

Kendama – Regular Japanese toy which consists of a ball on a string, a spike and many different sized cups. It bears some resemblance to the vintage cup and ball activity but is much extra tricky!

Parasol – The rolling of an item these kinds of as a ball, coin, juggling ring or box on an Oriental parasol (which appears like a extremely delicate umbrella).

Pedal Racers / Pleasurable Wheels – Exciting toys with wheels that are terrific for finding out balance.

Pen Spinning – If you have ever been bored at function/faculty & started off turning a pen (or pencil) involving your fingers, then you have been pen spinning! Plenty of skilful tips can be learned. This is a type of speak to juggling, as the item stays in contact with your overall body at all periods.

Plate Manipulation – the manipulation of plates all all over the overall body with hands, arms, feet and physique.

Plate Spinning – The artwork of spinning a plate (or bowl) on a stick (or pole).

Poi Spinning – Poi is a weighted object (this sort of as a ball or beanbag) suspended from a rope or chain. You hold the other stop of the rope/chain and can swing the poi in quite a few unique directions. This originates from the Maori individuals of New Zealand exactly where “poi” only suggests ball.

Rings (Juggling) – Flat circles of Plastic with a gap in the middle. A frequent item to juggle with and is thought of a lot easier than club juggling when it comes to learning with more than 3 as the rings are so slim that they are significantly less very likely to collide with each individual other and they are simpler to stack/maintain in your arms.

Rola Bola (aka Balance Board, teeter board, bongo board, rolla-bolla etcetera) – This consists of a round tube (this kind of as a PVC pipe) and a board that is powerful sufficient to keep your excess weight when put on top of the tube for you to balance on. It is like a a person male see-saw! Once you grasp the fundamental principles, then you can study to juggle on prime of the rola-bola to increase a little bit of threat and enjoyment to your functionality!

Scarves (Juggling) – A sq. of material (these kinds of as chiffon). This can be the suitable way for a baby/starter to master the essential tricks if they are owning difficulties finding out utilizing juggling balls. This is due to the fact the scarves float gently in the air, and you have a lot more time to put your palms in the suitable position to catch them (and you can capture any section of the scarf)! Easy tips consist of blowing the scarf back again up in the air, allowing the scarf land gently above your head!

Shaker Cups – Shaker cups are also identified as nesting cups, as they are cups that are designed in these a way so as you can catch (nest) them within every single other. They are made in this kind of a way as not to stick or wedge them selves alongside one another when caught, so the inside of cup is completely ready for launch all over again. This is quite possibly the noisiest prop in a jugglers general performance bag, as they are manufactured from metallic and make a massive noise when they clatter collectively!

Speedcups (aka Flashcups) – 12 brightly coloured cups which can be stacked in a range of distinct styles and sequences. There are Activity Stacking competitions where people compete towards the clock or one more person. The designs are usually with pyramids of 3, 6 or 10 cups.

Toothbrush Twirling – Applying a rubber/silicone devilstick handstick, you can hang the toothbrush from the stick and twirl it round. You can use several toothbrushes on 1 adhere and have a stick in every hand. A amazing & particularly foolish exercise that is a wonderful warm-up at the beginning of a Circus Competencies workshop. A toothbrush with an angled head is most effective! Toothbrush can also be spun on the finger, but it is finest to damp your finger and the toothbrush first to give it a little bit added grip!

Unicycle – Appears to be like a bicycle but with only one wheel and no handlebars! Most possible heckle if you are driving a unicycle will be “where’s the other wheel”. You can generally reply “it is on again order” except if you are two tyred of this sort of puns!

Strolling/Balancing Ladder – An extra huge ladder which you can equilibrium on, and then understand to stroll together the floor transferring the ft of the ladder (one particular action at a time)! You can also equilibrium on the leading rung (one particular leg at each facet of the ladder) and commence juggling although walking alongside.

Walking World – Substantial ball that a performer balances on best of. A variety of gymnastic and juggling stunts can be carried out whilst the ball is saved transferring. You have to wander backwards to roll the ball forwards!

Yo-yo – Pocket-dimensions toy that consists of a duration of string hooked up to a flat spool. The spool moves up and down the string enabling you to attempt various nicely acknowledged tips such as “strolling the pet” and “cat’s cradle”. The yo-yo has been all over because the time of the Historical Greeks.

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