An Even Better Browser: Say Hello to Firefox


Most if not all computer today come with Microsoft’s Internet explorer as the fall behind web browser and many people carry on using this web browser not understanding that they can download and install what ever browser of their choice they want for free. A web browser seems like car tires, you won’t ever think of your car tires till something is amiss someplace and you’re simply rendered immobile. Without the tires on your car, you cannot be able to move from one location to another. A web browser makes it easier for you to browse and check for things on the internet.

Some good news comes in the form of a free offer, the Mozilla Firefox software which is taking the world by storm really because of the many user-friendly features that this browser comes with. There are so many kinds of web browsers available today, but Firefox is actually gradually and steadily taking over Internet Explorer’s dominance. So popular is Mozilla, especially among web designers and administrators that life has become very safe and easy on the internet today more than ever before.

Having said that, the Mozilla Firefox comes with so many notable features making it stand out from all other browsers in the world, the default Internet Explorer from Microsoft. The first notable feature of Firefox is its ability to support almost all web standards particularly the basics such as HTML, XML, XHTML, Cascading stylesheet, XSLT, DOM, CSS, XPath, and MathML among many others. So if you’re a web designer and developer, you’ll find this feature really handy.

Equally, with the Mozilla Firefox you can be able to use and view your profile from whatever platform you choose, whether it is Windows, Linux, or even via a USB flash drive, thanks to its ability to maintain a similar profile format on different platforms. What this means is that if your profile is in the FAT23 partition or have it on the NFTS via FUSE, you can access it regardless of the system. This thus comes as the blessing to the people who have the habit of smoking of dual-booting.the habit of utilizing 2 operating systems.

Mozilla Firefox is undoubtedly the most effective web browser as yet, no surprise it has won many awards, if not with regard to anything else because of the many security measures it has included such as the really handy sandbox security feature, phishing detector, capability to clear private data i.e cookies and internet browser history, and external protocol whitelisting among others. Also, Firefox is an open source type of software meaning it is available to everyone who wants to review the source code in order to improve its security. To put it simply, the best things in life and indeed free, and the Mozilla Firefox browser is a living proof of that.


Source by Kyle Greendale

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