[ad_1] Don’t miss another powder day with an injury or weak legs that can’t ski more than a half day! Every time I read a skiing magazine or see another so called “expert” recommending ski-specific workouts, I have to cringe when I see some of the exercises recommended! After all, […]

[ad_1] Last week I wrote a blog posting about the new movie Inception and its potential effect on the closed down Ski Hill of Fortress Mountain. Writing the article got me thinking about going skiing, which I did and it was glorious, so I started looking into the current state […]

[ad_1] What’s the quickest way to get from the summit of Mt. Bellecote, whereon sits the popular ski resort of La Plagne, to its foot, 3400m below? By skiing, of course. But before strapping on a brand new pair of Fischer skis, taking a moment to repent your sins, and […]