The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins


Many heroes, villains and wars have been created because of monotheism (the belief in the existence of one god), but science and the technologies science produces are used in these wars.

The author Richard Dawkins has a very extreme style of writing in this particular book, he doesn’t mess about and storms in with very direct poignancy, so if you are deeply spiritual and religious, perhaps this is not the best choice of book for you……

The God Delusion is a remarkable argument against God, controversy arises as Dawkins blames god for a number of misdeeds against humanity and also blames him of being “psychotic”.

Dawkins frustrations are caused with the theory of intelligent design and a host of other related issues, he throws an avalanche of hard evidence to bolster his case, Dawkins is a fascinating literary character that’s out to slay old stories and non scientifically backed views.

“The God Delusion” is full of strong arguments of cosmic proportions and it affects our current world view.

Lets me put it like this, if you are religious and attempted to have an argument with Dawkins you better have your facts straight.

In Dawkins book the God delusion he puts powerful arguments forward that debase and unravel any and most religious doctrines and fallacies.

Why the extreme tone? Well i think this is because the man is determined not to see young children indoctrinated with a view that is not based on facts.

Dawkings is 100% atheist and the god delusion is his testimony.

Creationists and believers in God will no doubt see him as the devil incarnate and non religious scientists will see him as being very astute and intellectual.

He has been called a fundamentalist, but his argument is as follows “given proof that i am wrong i would at once change my opinions, whereas a true fundamentalist clings to his faith whatever the challenge”

Whatever you think about this book, i think it is very important to ask questions of everything in life. The God Delusion manages to ask lots of questions so this can only be a good thing.


Source by Jason B Sanderson

Agnes Brown

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