The Numerous Advantages in Using Raft Aquaponics


Aquaponics is a new innovation in the art of planting especially in urban areas where soil for planting is scarce. In the aquaponics system, there is a symbiosis between the plants in the grow bed and the fishes in the aquarium or tank. There is no need for constant replacement of water for the fish and there is no need for soil in planting as well.

Grow beds are important for the survival of plants in the aquaponics system. In fact, there are three kinds of grow beds nowadays. First is the Nutrient Film Technique or the NFT however people do not usually use this since it requires higher maintenance in the system. Second is the media-filled beds and this is well-loved by many who are into aquaponics. Last but not the least is the raft system which is used in raft aquaponics. It has proved to be advantageous compared to other grow beds. Read on and find out why.

Great Yields

When you are truly serious in your aquaponics system and you want to earn, use the raft aquaponics. In the business world, the more sales is always better. Thus, these businessmen prefer the raft beds in the aquaponics system. After all, everybody wants higher sales and profit.

Healthier Fishes

Of course when there is maintenance in the aquaponics system, it is expected that it will be working well and everything is balanced. However, the raft aquaponics showed that fishes are healthier in this system. This is probably due to the fact that this kind of system necessitates more water compared to ordinary aquaponics system. Better water flow means healthier fishes.

Increased Stock Densities

As mentioned, raft aquaponics demands more gallons of water. Nevertheless, it also gives a number of positive results. Because of it, the system can give bigger stock densities and this is well-known in the market. The constant flow of water from one channel to the other mainly contributes to this result. As observed by many people who denote aquaponics as their hobby, this system will need at least five to eight times more water than the usual system. However, this may not become a big deal knowing that the effects are affirmative.

Smaller Number of Fishes Required

Due to the greater volume of water in the aquaponics system, the number of fishes required is not big enough just to make a balance in the aquaponics system. The owners will surely save a lot for buying fishes for the system. This is very helpful because tilapia is somehow expensive. This is surely a great advantage.

Easy Water Management

A smaller fish population due to the greater water volume makes water management easy. This is a good help even if you have a filtration system. Surely, it is a very important part of the raft aquaponics since it maintains clear and clean water for the system. Moreover, it is also advantageous since overall cleaning of the system that is conducted oftentimes is discouraged.

Depending on your needs, you can choose among the grow beds. But only the raft system can give such advantages.


Source by Leah Moore

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