What Is Your TCM Calling Out To?


A Transmission Control Module (TCM) can be found on the large majority of vehicles. It’s an integral part of equipment because without this module the car won’t be going anywhere. But what is the Chrysler PT Cruiser TCM calling out to? Just what are its output parameters? It’s important to understand this in order to figure out exactly how these things work. Furthermore, it will be useful for figuring out exactly what’s gone wrong should the module blow out later on.

Pressure Control

Even though modern electronic transmissions are very advanced they still make use of those hydraulic systems that have worked so well for years. But to work a hydraulic system the car must be able to handle precise pressure control, and the only way it can do this is with an advanced control module. The Chrysler PT Cruiser TCM is a module on a very modern car, so this means that it will be using many solenoids to control the pressure, as opposed to some of the older designs that still use a single line of pressure; so if the pressure changes in one area it changes across the whole thing. This new way of doing things means that the shift quality of the car will be increased and the car will respond quicker to any changes made. Overall, it allows for much better performance.

Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid

The Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) is something that’s utilised on modern cars in the form of a solenoid. This allows the car to regulate the converter through the power of the control module. If the module decides that it needs to completely lock the TCC then the torque will be spinning at the same speed as the engine, as opposed to what it usually does as it usually adds something called torque multiplication. To put it simply, the major benefit is that there’s a big increase in fuel economy. This is the power of modern transmission modules as they actually allow car owners to make money back, and those that purchase the Chrysler PT Cruiser will certainly do so.

Output to ECU

Perhaps the most important place the control module calls out to is the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU is what controls the engine and what takes control of the fuel. In fuel injection engines the ECU is king. However, the Chrysler PT Cruiser TCM helps the ECU to know when it’s time to slow the ignition timing and reduce the fuel quantity being pumped through. And this is what makes cars like this so good when it comes to how much fuel they consume.

In addition to this it reduces the overall load on the transmission, when prudent. This means that drivers will find that when the car shifts through the gears it will be much smoother. Even with large amounts of torque the shift will still be fairly slick.


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