WWE Smackdown Evaluation – 4-4-02

Mr. McMahon was searching to display off as the very first SmackDown! just after the manufacturer extension emanated from Rochester, N.Y., on April 4!

As the demonstrate opened, Mr. McMahon stated that Aptitude had erroneously named Undertaker the No. 1 Contender at Backlash. Vince mentioned that Flair forgot that the board of directors had mentioned that whoever won the coin toss for the draft would not only get the very first select in the draft, but also the ideal to select the No. 1 contender at Backlash. Vince mentioned that since he experienced received the coin toss, he would be identify on SmackDown! the No. 1 contender to experience Undisputed World Wrestling Winner Triple H.

Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed followers to the present as Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle headed to the ring. Angle was set to meet Edge in 1-on-1 motion later on in the show, but 1st, Angle had a several factors to say about the No. 1 contender place. Kurt publicly mentioned that he was prepared to face Triple H for the Undisputed Title at Backlash. He claimed he could state all evening why he deserved the shot, and considering the fact that the persons continued to dis him, he would do so.

Kurt reported he owned Triple H, having defeated him a lot more periods than everyone else in the corporation. Kurt reminded all people that he is an Olympic gold medalist. He also reported that he was adored by small children and senior citizens globally — primarily the sick types! He said he had 26 other explanations — but as he spoke, he was interrupted by Chris Jericho’s entrance!

Y2J headed to the ring, and stared Angle down. Jericho identified as Angle pompous, and explained there was no way the Olympian deserved the title shot. Jericho reported he was the only 1 who deserved the shot, since he was the 1st Undisputed Winner. Y2J mentioned he hadn’t been given a one one-on-1 rematch considering the fact that getting rid of the title, and the a person match he did have, he hadn’t even missing — Stephanie McMahon experienced. Jericho claimed now not only did he not have a rematch, but the group was calling him a has-been! Y2J claimed the admirers might consider he was a has-been, but he wasn’t!

The crowd chanted “has-been” at Jericho, and Y2J claimed he would demonstrate he was not a has-been by using the title match versus Triple H. He questioned Angle how he preferred it, and Angle claimed he did not like it a person bit. Angle joked that Jericho’s quest for a title shot “has been” finished, and Jericho pointed out that the last he confronted Angle each and every other, he experienced defeated Angle, so what does that make the Olympian?

Jericho reported they could go again and forth all night time, and they proposed a just one-on-just one match tonight, with the winner going through Triple H at Backlash.

Angle reported he was great with that, and explained to him to take into consideration it finished.

Suddenly, out arrived The Rock to the phase — and ultimately, The Rock had appear back again to Rochester! Rock asked if the two adult males truly assumed they had been the only two names to confront Triple H at Backlash. Rock reported that he experienced had extra massive matches with Triple H than Angle and Jericho set jointly, and reported no a person deserved the shot extra — but then he stopped to consider for a second, and suggested that maybe, there was another person else. The group started out chanting “Hogan” as Rock stated he knew he would have his title shot one particular day, but till then, perhaps the one person who deserved a title shot a very little a lot more than he did was a legend and an icon — and Angle thanked The Rock for remaining on his aspect! Rock instructed Angle to shut up, and explained the title shot need to go to Hulk Hogan!

Jericho stated he imagined that was ridiculous, but Rock mentioned it failed to subject what he considered! Angle then attempted to chime in, and Rock explained it failed to subject what he assumed, either! Rock mentioned it didn’t even make any difference what The Rock thought. The People’s Winner stated this was a new SmackDown!, and as of now, SmackDown! will now and permanently be recognised as the People’s Demonstrate. Rock reported Jericho and Angle were surrounded by the thousands and thousands of Rock’s followers. Rock explained the men and women would notify Jericho and Angle who they wanted to go to Backlash — and the crowd began chanting “Hogan!”

Rock claimed that if Vince McMahon was listening, the most electrifying supporters had spoken, and as Vince would say, revenue talks — if ya scent what The Rock is cookin’!

Footage was shown from previously in the day of Scotty 2 Hotty psyching up Albert for their Tag Staff Championship match from Billy & Chuck.

That match was up upcoming. The champs have been accompanied to ringside by their stylist, Rico. Scotty appeared to have the pinfall and the acquire, but the ref was distracted by Albert and Chuck fighting on the outside. With the ref distracted, Rico hit a spinkick on Scotty, and Billy pinned him to retain the titles. Right after the bout, Scotty set Rico down, and was about to give him the Worm, right until Albert turned on his husband or wife, delivering a big kick to Scotty’s confront! Albert followed up with an avalanche, and punched and kicked the hell out of his now former partner! Albert finished Scotty off with a large Baldobomb.

New announcer Marc Loyd interviewed Vince McMahon, and the Planet Wrestling co-owner introduced that it would be Hulk Hogan going through Triple H for the Undisputed Championship at Backlash.

In his locker space, Chris Jericho watched Mr. McMahon’s announcement and was irate. He still left his locker room and ran into The Rock. He named Rock stupid, and questioned why Rock experienced to counsel Hogan. Y2J asked what Hogan experienced at any time finished in this business enterprise. As Y2J continued to speak, Rock held up his hand, and instructed that they combat tonight on SmackDown!

Jericho explained he would be delighted to defeat the People’s Champion on the People’s Present. Rock told Y2J to get all set!

In singles motion, Christian took on DDP in a rematch from WrestleMania X8. Soon after one particular around drop, Christian threw a mood tantrum. DDP laughed at it, but as DDP went in excess of to Christian afterwards, Christian raked DDP’s eyes and strike the Unprettier for the get!

Backstage, Kurt Angle was really upset, and didn’t fully grasp what Mr. McMahon was pondering. He questioned if they really should just elect Hillbilly Jim for president when they had been at it. Kurt was then approached by Edge. Edge mentioned he felt negative about their match tonight, since they made use of to be friends. He said he experienced identified some pics of the two of them with each other. Edge experienced four shots — just about every of which had anything published on the back for the fans’ enjoyment — stuff like “I suck,” “And I am a dork,.” Kurt mentioned Edge wasn’t these types of a lousy man — until eventually he noticed what was composed on the back again of the photographs, and walked away, indignant!

Undisputed Winner Triple H headed to the ring to a substantial ovation to converse about Backlash. The Recreation claimed that Monday night time, Flair had created a title match for Backlash with him against the Undertaker. He said Vince experienced then made a match at Backlash with Hulk Hogan. Triple H said that Vince McMahon may be in a position to make the match for Backlash, but he could care less possibly way. He said that considering that it looked like he would be experiencing Hogan, he despatched a message to the Useless Gentleman that his title was heading nowhere, and that Taker had dropped almost nothing. He reported when he received finished with Hogan, he would be ready for the Lifeless Gentleman.

The Video game reported as considerably as Hogan goes — and then all of a sudden, Hogan’s new music sounded, and out came the Hulkster, clad in yellow and pink! The Hulkster gained a substantial ovation from the crowd. Hogan claimed as far as he went, he was just as amazed as Triple H was when Vince designed the match. Hogan mentioned he considered it couldn’t get any even larger than WrestleMania I, when he and Mr. T defeated Orndorff and Piper. Then he thought it could not get any even larger than WrestleMania III, when he slammed Andre the Huge. Then he imagined it could not get any greater than WrestleMania X8, when the supporters brought Hulkamania back. The Hulkster claimed it failed to get any more substantial than the Undisputed Title, so if the followers consider in him and consider he warrants a shot, then he was likely to acquire it!

The Video game stated Hogan was right — it does not get any even larger than the Undisputed Championship. And Triple H said it would be an honor for him to be in the ring with Hogan. But Triple H said there was a very little portion of him that was unfortunate, simply because he would have to hurt another person he’d appeared up to his full lifetime — and hurt him badly. He informed Hogan to make no blunder — he would not be reluctant, not for just one second.

Triple H claimed when Hogan stepped in the ring with him for the Undisputed Title and seemed in The Game’s eyes, Hogan wouldn’t be immortal or an icon — he would be just like everyone else, absolutely nothing far more than an impediment which he would run down. Triple H stated that wasn’t a menace or a warning — it was just a truth. The Sport reported very little would appear involving he and his title, not even “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan, simply because, brother, he is The Recreation and he is that damn good!

Hogan explained Hunter may well be proper — but even when the professionals say Hulkamania is lifeless and absent, it constantly rises up again. Hogan reported that at Backlash, when Hulkamania rises up yet again, he experienced just one particular concern — “Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania operates wild on you?” Hogan then tore off his T-shirt and stared down the Undisputed Winner!

Subsequent up, Edge went one-on-a single with Kurt Angle. Angle quickly brought a chair into the ring, and as Edge went for a spear, Angle held up the chair, knocking Edge out and busting him huge open! The ref known as for the bell, disqualifying Angle for employing the metal chair. After the bout, Angle went to use the chair once more, but Edge battled back and chased Angle away!

Torrie Wilson was receiving ready backstage when she was approached by Billy Kidman. Billy mentioned he had a Cruiserweight Title match versus Tajiri tonight, and explained he knew they had their previous jointly, but he was heading to get Tajiri’s title. He wished them each the finest of luck, and Torrie gave him a hug.
As they hugged, Tajiri came around and started screaming in Japanese! Tajiri asked Torrie for a kiss for luck, which Torrie gave to him. Tajiri and Torrie then walked absent.

That match was up next, as Tajiri — accompanied by Torrie — defended the Cruiserweight Championship against Kidman. Kidman experimented with to set Tajiri absent with the Capturing Star Press, but the winner moved out of the way. Tajiri then kicked Kidman in the facial area, but Kidman kicked out at two! Tajiri tried out to lock Kidman in the Tarantula, but Kidman threw him to the outside. Tajiri set the Cruiserweight Title on the ring apron and then got back again into the ring, last but not least locking Kidman in the Tarantula! Concerned Kidman could possibly use the title, Torrie moved it. But Tajiri went to seem for it, and it wasn’t there — and then Kidman rolled Tajiri up to grow to be the new Cruiserweight Winner! Soon after the bout, Tajiri grabbed the microphone and yelled at Torrie in Japanese, and then walked out on her!

Backstage, Mr. McMahon stated he was Alright with Kidman as Cruiserweight Champion, but the one particular title improve he couldn’t get out of his head was that no-excellent Maven losing the Hardcore Title before he could convey it to SmackDown! Vince advised Hardcore Holly to teach Maven a lesson tonight, and Holly explained that if he experienced been the trainer for Rough Plenty of 1, Maven would not have lasted a single day. Stacy Keibler then entered Mr. McMahon’s locker area, a great deal to his delight.

Times afterwards, Vince McMahon was sitting in his business when he was approached by D-Von Dudley. D-Von informed Vince to overlook about Stacy, and requested Vince who the hell he thought he was to split up the Dudley Boyz. D-Von informed Vince to testify about what the hell was likely on. Vince stated he would be happy to — he reported he wanted to draft equally Dudleys for SmackDown!, and Aptitude had observed that out and break up the group up. Vince mentioned Flair experienced decided on Bubba Ray, and he experienced no different but to take what he believed was the very best brother — D-Von. Vince stated maybe he was incorrect. He stated he thought D-Von was probably prepared to phase up and climb the ladder of results. Vince then instructed D-Von to get the hell out of his office and remain there until eventually D-Von figured out who the hell he was, mainly because he has superior hopes for D-Von Dudley. He informed D-Von not to appear back again right up until he was all set to be a superstar.

Al Snow and Maven were chatting, and Al informed Maven that a calendar year in the past, Maven was a college instructor, and now he was a a few-time Hardcore Champion. Al extra that a calendar year back, Maven would have had to go to the worst portion of town to get defeat up as terrible as Hardcore Holly would conquer him up tonight on SmackDown!

That match was up up coming. Maven set up a heck of a battle, but Holly battled again and dominated the youngster, lastly placing him away with the Alabama Slam for the pinfall.

The key party on SmackDown! pitted The Rock in opposition to Chris Jericho. The two adult males did not even hold out to get in the ring — the fight begun on the entranceway as Rock was heading to the ring! The brutal battle observed Jericho try a traveling forearm, only to pass up The Rock and accidentally strike referee Tim White!

Rock downed Jericho, and locked Y2J in the sharpshooter! Kurt Angle quickly ran down, and Rock broke the maintain to chase Angle from the ring. Jericho bodyslammed Rock, and then went for the People’s Elbow — only to be fulfilled by a spinebuster! The Rock then went for a People’s Elbow of his very own, only to be strike by Angle, who also nailed Rock with an Angle Slam! Rock kicked out of the pinfall attempt at two, nevertheless. Angle caught all over outside the house the ring a little bit much too extended, and was blindsided by Edge, who chased him by way of the group.

Rock went for the Rock Bottom, but Jericho battled out, and hit a modified bulldog. Jericho then went for the Lionsault but skipped, and Rock nailed the Rock Base to choose up the win! Rock celebrated his gain as SmackDown! went off the air!

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