Akita Inu – The Six Exceptional Attributes of the Breed

  1. The ahead-pointing ears of the Akita are an absolute should. They insert to the alertness of stance and were just about surely helpful in looking. They need to be little, thick and symbolizing an equilateral triangle in condition.
  2. The eyes really should be of oriental suggestion, not daring or piggy, but eager and dim to suggest the “oriental gaze”.
  3. The splendor and ability of the Akita is very substantially evident in its ahead quarters. The shortish, powerful neck really should blend just about undetectably into the shoulders: it ought to only be recognized by the pretty arch which proceeds into the line of the ear to give that exclusive, very pleased stature.
  4. The Akita tail is prized by the Japanese people today and is thought of as essential as the head. The tail should be alive and very well-carried, to be in perfect stability with the head.
  5. The coat should really have no suggestion of a wiry or yak-like texture. It ought to glimpse and experience as however it could be observed on that other wonderful animal, the mink.
  6. The colour is explained as excellent and crystal clear. In the dictionary, ‘brilliant’ is outlined as: splendid, sparkling, shining and ‘clear’ is outlined as: undimmed, pure and brilliant. These traits must be reflected in the color of the Akita’s coat. It must in no way be mushy, sooty, uninteresting or absence lustre. Ask the straightforward issue: What colour is that Akita? If you can remedy with a definite pink, black, silver, fawn and many others., the colouring is proper. If you have to say browny, fawny, greyish, sable, creamy-whitish, the colouring is incorrect to the common of the breed.

The ears, the oriental eye, the line of neck, the higher-flung tail, with a most luxuriant and brilliantly colored coat, are the traits which capture the Akita fancier’s creativity. They are a most definite aspect of the breed’s typical and ought to be noticed intently when breeding so that they are preserved for the potential.

Agnes Brown

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