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Long Term Care agent prospecting has become a very competitive area. Help your LTC senior clients with a beneficial free giveaway. Everyone can take steps to improve their memory, and with time and practice most people can gain and even regain the ability to memorize more. This is a terrific article for all long term care insurance agents to pass on to their senior prospects.

Improve your client base with free giveaways. Here is a no cost giveaway, great for sales agents that your senior clients will appreciate. After copying this article add your name and insurance contact information after the author credits. Encourage seniors to give this important report to relatives and acquaintances of theirs.

Message to Seniors. Your agent is concerned about the health of senior citizens. Insurance can help solve a lot of your medical expenses and protect your income. Unfortunately, you usually cannot be insured for Alzheimer’s dementia, and all the expenses of taking care of you. This article can give you tips, starting right now, to improve your memory. This a free service from your insurance consultant. Repayment is referring others to this expert who cares about you.

Alzheimer’s often starts as early when you turn fifty to as late as when you are in your seventies. Enclosed is a list of daily activities proven to help fight the start of Alzheimer’s. It is a matter of constantly exercising your brain to build up a cognitive reserve of memory.

1. Although your brain is not a muscle, you can keep it active with exercise. Believe me when I tell you that you can build your brain, spurring the growth of new nerve connections. A great source of improving your memory. You need to test your brain with complex challenges, Make it fun, while keeping your brain active. Some suggestions would include crossword puzzles, building kits for ships, progressive games leading to new levels, books where you have to solve the mystery, writing letters to news correspondents giving your personal viewpoints, and many more.

2. Be confident that you have a good memory and are going to improve it. Remind yourself repeatedly that you are good with numbers and person names. Associate names with visual pictures in your mind. Stay committed to practicing everyday. No grandchild wants you to call them by a wrong name. Reward yourself every time you achieve a challenge. Every bit of progress is not only staying even, but building a reserve of memory power.

3. Stop worrying. If you can not personally solve something, remove from your mind. Chronic stress has not been proven to physically damage the brain. However chronic and temporary stress makes focusing, observing, and remembering a harder task. Until you can master unnecessary stress, you doctor can provide you with temporary assistance.

4. Exercise is critical, at least twice daily. Just a fifteen minute aerobic exercise improves circulation throughout your brain and body. This exercise is one of the most effective ways to fight off ward off memory loss due to aging. Like a brief nap, exercise gives you a new jump on being alert and relaxed.

5. Force yourself to develop a pattern of a good night’s sleep. Usually 7 hours each night should be an absolute minimum. This improves both your short-term memory and long-term relational memory. In a study from Harvard Medical School, the amount of sleep affects the brain’s ability to recall recent information.

6. Improve your eating habits. Instead of three meals, consume one large meal daily. Throughout the day, eat two to four minor servings of food. By limiting drops in your blood sugar, your mental functioning and memory is improved. Allow at least one hour between eating and going to sleep at night. Eating a healthy diet, contributes to a healthy brain. Most foods containing antioxidants are very helpful. Consult with your doctor before using enhancement supplements like Niacin, Vitamin B-6, Thiamine, and Vitamin E.

7. It takes time to restore or build a good memory. Distractions can make you quickly forget where your car keys are. When you are attempting to recall information, avoid complicated tasks and any distractions. Once your memory locks up, it can take a long time to unfreeze.

8. You do not forget parts of things because your memory is bad, but because your observational skills need practice. Here is an excellent and fun memory-building step. Practice by taking a colorful magazine and looking only for a detailed picture ad. Allow yourself 10 seconds to closely study the picture. Now turn the magazine over. Grab a pen and a sheet of paper. Look at your watch and for the next 30 seconds; write down all the items you remember. Even try to include the colors. After a snack or short nap, try it again. Over time, you will amaze yourself. Using up only five seconds you will remember twice as much.

9. Repeat over and over again items you must learn and retain. Just as a child learns with flash cards, your brain will develop with the repetition. Keep a tiny notebook in your purse or pocket. Jot down items you want to memorize. People’s names, birthdays, and locations are all important to rehearse until you no longer need a note.

10. NO MORE JUNK DRAWERS You have the time. Make your self a series of files for important papers and paid bills. Another file for unpaid bills. Have small drawer organizers for other items. Label the drawers, for glasses, keys, emergency candles, a flashlight, and more. Close your eyes and concentrate intensely on where each item is. When you master this, congratulate yourself and treat yourself to a reward. You are certainly on the right path.

A short time back I lost an uncle to Alzheimer’s complications, and saw all the emotional financial stress caused to my aunt and her family. Could it have been prevented by following suggestions in this article?

I don’t know, but I believe it is all insurance agents duty to pass along information that might just change or enhance a senior’s life.


Source by Donald Yerke

Agnes Brown

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