The Blue Feather, Developing, and the Regulation of Attraction

“To deliver nearly anything into your life, consider that it really is by now there,” wrote Richard Bach in his reserve Illusions. I wanted to show that I was the creator of my daily life, so I remaining my city household and set out to find a blue feather. I gave myself 48 several hours. That weekend I have to have walked every single park, each and every mother nature conservatory, every single protect, each nation route inside of a fifty mile radius of my dwelling. Finally, I even looked in my individual tiny yard, but no blue feather.

It was Sunday night. My 48 hrs were being nearly utilised up. Ultimately, I gave up, surrendered, and determined to go to mattress. As I attained for the light-weight switch, I heard a voice inside my head. “Transform all around. Change around.” The voice was delicate, and however there was a toughness to it that compelled me to obey.

At the minute I turned all around, my cat Sesame, knocked more than her basket of toys. Amid the balls and catnip mice that spilled out was a blue feather. After hooked up to a twine-wrapped ball together with canary yellow and cardinal pink feathers, the peacock blue feather experienced broken away and lay by by itself as if to say, “In this article I am. Can you see me now?” The feather was there all together. All I had to do was open my eyes-and my thoughts-to see it.

I have told this tale a lot of times in workshops more than the several years when one particular workshop participant outdid me. In that workshop-a calendar year-lengthy thriller school, The Sacred Route-we achieved once a thirty day period. Individuals ended up tasked with manifesting a blue feather to prove they could create what they dreamed of for their life. They had a single month to do so.

When we came collectively once more, all people had located their blue feathers. They have been all excitedly telling their tales while we waited for 1 of the girls who was operating late. Eventually, she arrived in, breathless with enjoyment and a handful of feathers. “Will white feathers rely?” she asked, and then advised her tale.

She was driving north on a two-land freeway to our gathering of The Sacred Path. She was working a little late and acquiring disappointed since she was caught behind a slow-going truck and couldn’t move for the reason that of site visitors. Last but not least, she gave up, surrendered, telling herself she could as properly rest and delight in the surroundings. Just then, the truck hit a bump and feathers arrived flying suitable at her and right into her hand that was exterior the motor vehicle window.

She was next a truck load of chickens. Absolutely everyone in our workshop laughed with our friend, and our delight was to grow even extra. She has one more tale to tell. “All these white feathers prove to me that if I make my intent crystal clear, consider action towards what I want, and surrender to the method, I can manifest what I want. Continue to these are white feathers and I desired a blue feather, but I made the decision the quantity of these white feathers would just take the put of a blue feather. I was presently listed here and had this handful of white feathers. Then, when I got out of the car or truck, I seemed down and proper there, appropriate in entrance of my toes the place I just about stepped on it was this.” She held up her other hand and there it was, a excellent blue feather, gift of a blue jay.
Diana Rankin ©2013

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