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The K2 Mountain is well known around the world as the second highest mountain behind Mount Everest, tipping the global skies at 8,611 meters. The number two mountain is located in south Asia on the border between China and Pakistan. K2 is known to many as the savage mountain, because it has the second highest fatality rate among the thousands who climb it year after year. This tough opponent has never been climbed in the winter due to obvious reasons.

It was first formed when the Indian subcontinent collided with the central-Asian landmass. The K2 first became known to the western world of its height and presence, when it was surveyed in 1856 by a European survey team. Thomas Montgomerie was the member of the team who named it ‘K2’, after it was the second peak in the Karakoram mountain range. The rest of the peaks have now been renamed.

It took a very long time for its first climbers, almost 100 years after the survey. Thousands of climbers have succeeded in reaching the top of Everest, while only roughly 300 have made K2, among an upsetting average off 66 people dying in the process to reach the infamous top. One of the most recent attempts was in august 2008. A group of climbers set out to reach the top, but an avalanche occurred taking out the fixed ropes, four climbers were rescued and sadly eleven were confirmed dead.

As a climber myself one day I would love to climb this to tell my grand children, that I was one of the very small percentage who achieved this very exhausting and thrilling task. I wrote this article to show the power and strength of Mount K2, and how deadly this can be. If your ever thinking of taking this extreme challenge please be very careful and well prepared.


Source by John Hardiman

Agnes Brown

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