Resentment Flu


We all joke about Man Flu and how tough it is to cope with (sorry guys but you are hard work when you have a cold). While we can poke a bit of fun at our guys and their “Man Flu’s, Resentment Flu is a different story and needs to be taken seriously! Resentment Flu won’t kill you but it could kill your relationship so take note and be warned.

What are the symptoms? It starts with a tiny niggle, a little voice saying something like why do I always have to put out the rubbish or, so and so would never treats such and such the way I’m being treated. From there things can quickly get out of hand, that small niggle becomes an avalanche of resentment. You find yourself seething every time you do something for “that man” or “that woman”. After all you work hard, why can’t they do their share?

At the height of this flu you may find yourself unable to remember why you ever started a relationship with this lazy good for nothing so and so, and you will almost certainly be blind to anything that they do, do for you. If you let Resentment Flu go on this long it can be difficult if not impossible to recover, so look for the signs and catch it early.

Don’t panic though there are some successful cures for Resentment Flu. When you feel those tiny niggles begin to take hold have a good long think about what your partner/spouse does do around the house. You may always put the rubbish out but perhaps he/she always stacks the dishwasher. Then if it is really bothering you sit down and talk about it, don’t let things fester, that is how the flu takes hold! Never compare your relationship to someone else’s. You may see a relationship that is perfect, but who knows what happens behind closed doors. I heard a saying once that if we all put our problems out on the table we would probably want our own back. It’s a good thing to remember.

Lastly I find routine and resentment flu can go hand in hand. So make sure you mix up the chores and from time to time just leave them! Do something spontaneous and fun together instead. Sure the chores will still be there when you return but you will be able to tackle them with a much lighter heart. Good relationships are hard to find but can be easy to loose. Take care of the special someone in your life and ensure neither of you get “Relationship Sickness”.


Source by Jody Worsfold

Agnes Brown

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