Women Wearing Neckties: A Necktie-Lace Prospective

The necktie has taken a fascinating journey though out history. From Croatia to France, to the U.S., the tie has evolved into a staple fashion accessory in the closets of both men and women. Not only does it add a finishing touch of sophistication, it also adds instant sex appeal. Not to mention the variety of different knots to add personality. Typically worn by women with a loose knot, a necktie is easy to incorporate with a collared shirt or cardigan to get that prep school girl look. Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Halle Barry, Blake Lively and Jennifer Aniston have done it. Have you?

If not. We understand. You don’t love it. Ladies should keep the neckties to the men. Or should they? What happens when you take this concept and mix in some feminine flavor? A notable transformation from closet to jewelry box takes place.

Rocking a “necktie,” as a women, is now easier than ever thanks to a designer of the line called tyesbytara, who has re-engineered the male tie to adapt into something fashionable for women to play with. No more imported rhinestone necktie necklaces that turn your neck green, no more cheap costume-like neckties, and no more roaming the boys department looking for “cute short” ties. This one is for the ladies.

Instantly sexy and passes the professional test, you’ll fall in love with these “necktyes.” Short and sweet, they cut right to the point. Resting perfectly on the décolleté, they are amazing to wear with tube tops, collared shirts or your favorite lingerie set. Ribbon encircles the neck for customizable fitting. These “pre-tied” necktyes make it very easy to wear.

Using a continuum of patterns, ranging from funky retro polka dots to classic houndstooth, there is something for very social environment. From the boardroom to the bedroom, these necktyes will be a wonderful diversification to your jewelry box.

Agnes Brown

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