IMPERATRICE NUDA – The Great Healthcare Fraud

The next is extracted from IMPERATRICE NUDA by Hans
Ruesch, very first printed in Rome in 1976, and also know by the
title “Slaughter of the Innocent.”

IMPERATRICE NUDA is not out of date in the 20-to start with
century. It is timeless.

Although IMPERATRICE NUDA will have to be regarded as an act of resourceful
genius on the aspect of Hans Ruesch, however in its essence
it was not stating anything new. The reality about this tragic
farce was very well recognised in the time of Hippocrates in ancient
Greece. Even again then, Galen was too stupid to see it. Galen
preferred to engage in to the gallery by disembowelling pregnant bitches
in his operating THEATRE (THEATER in United states of america), to the applause of
the mob who mentioned with interest that the dying bitch was considerably
additional anxious about her puppies plucked prematurely from her
womb than she was about her possess agony. Claude Bernard, the
apostle of vivisection in modern-day situations, resurrected Galen’s
mistakes, for which we are about to shell out a horrible price.


Get started extract from IMPERATRICE NUDA by Hans Ruesch, also
titled “Slaughter of the Innocent,” web pages 9 to 11, on which
further comment would be superfluous:


“The Terrific Drug Deception” by Dr Ralph Adam Good (Stein and
Working day, New York, 1972) is just one of the several textbooks posted in
the previous decade on the subject of unsafe and typically lethal
prescription drugs, but it obtained no sensible results. Overall health
authorities, as effectively as the community, stubbornly refused to consider
cognizance of the fact that all those medicine had been okayed and
promoted after having been proved secure for animals. Basically it
is unfair to single out just a couple of perilous drugs, considering the fact that there
are countless numbers of them.

Of training course the fallacy works both of those approaches, precluding the
acceptance of beneficial prescription drugs. There is the great illustration of
penicillin – if we want to consider this a valuable drug. Its
discoverers explained they ended up fortuitous. No guinea pigs were being
obtainable for the toxicity checks, so they utilized mice rather.
Penicillin kills guinea pigs. But the similar guinea pigs can
safely consume strychnine, one of the deadliest poisons for humans
– but not for monkeys.

Certain wild berries are lethal for human beings, but birds
prosper on them. A dose of belladona that would destroy a gentleman is
harmless for rabbits and goats. Calomelan won’t influence the
secretion of bile in canine, but can treble it in person.

The use of digitalis – the key solution for cardiac clients and
the saviour of numerous lives the entire world in excess of – was retarded
for a lengthy time due to the fact it was very first tested on canine, in which
it dangerously raises blood stress. And chloroform is so
toxic to canine that for many several years this important anesthetic was
not utilized on individuals. On the other hand a dose of opium
that would kill a male is harmless to puppies and chickens.

Datura and henbane are poison for man, but foodstuff for the snail.
The mushroom *amanita phalloides*, a compact dose of which can
wipe out a complete human relatives, is eaten with no unwell results
by the rabbit, one particular of the most prevalent laboratory animals. A
porcupine can take in in just one lump with out pain as a great deal opium
as a human addict smokes in two weeks, and wash it down with
adequate prussic acid to poison a regiment of soldiers.

The sheep can swallow monumental quantities of arsenic, when the
murderers’ favourite poison.

Potassium cyanide, lethal for us, is harmless for the owl, but
1 of our frequent discipline pumpkins can place a horse into a critical
condition of agitation. Morphine, which calms and anesthetizes person,
causes maniacal pleasure in cats and mice, but pet dogs can stand
doses up to 20 periods bigger than gentleman. On the other hand, our
sweet almonds can eliminate foxes and chickens, and our frequent
parsley is poison to parrots.

Robert Koch’s Tuberkulin, the moment hailed as a vaccine towards
tuberculosis due to the fact it cures TB in guinea pigs, was located
later on on to Bring about TB in guy.

There are more than enough such circumstances to fill a guide – all proving
that it would be tough to find a a lot more absurd and much less
scientific system of healthcare exploration (than animal

What’s more, the anguish and sufferings of the animals, deprived
of their natural habitat or habitual environment, terrorized
by what they see in the laboratories and the brutalities they
are subjected to, change their mental stability and natural and organic
reactions to this sort of an extent that ANY consequence is a priori

The laboratory animal is a monster, created so by the

Physically and mentally it has very very little in typical with a
usual animal, and a great deal much less with person.

As even Claude Bernard (1813-1878), founder of the contemporary
vivisectionist strategy, wrote in his Physiologie Operatoire
(page 152): “The experimental animal is by no means in a ordinary
point out. The ordinary state is basically a supposition, an


Any individual launched the strategy of breeding strains of
bacteriologically sterile laboratory animals……………….

One delusion spawned a further. Regular failure built certain
of those people misguided experts understand – some have not realized
it nevertheless – that organic and natural “substance” elevated below these types of abnormal
circumstances differs much more than ever from typical organisms.
Animals so raised hardly ever acquire the organic defence system,
the so-referred to as immunological response, which is a salient
attribute of each individual living organism. So it would be
complicated to devise a less responsible experimental substance.
Aside from, animals are by mother nature immune to most human bacterial infections
– diphtheria, thyphus, scarlet fever, German measles, smallpox,
cholera, yellow fever, leprosy and bubonic plague – though other
bacterial infections, these types of as TB and various septicemias, acquire up
distinctive types in animals. So the declare that via animals
we can understand to manage human disorders could feel a indicator of
insanity if we failed to know that it is just a pretext for
carrying on “experiments” which, having said that dangerously misleading
for clinical science, are both intimately gratifying for all those
who execute them, or really lucrative.

The Swiss country illustrates well to what extent the gain
motive encourages vivisection: with a population of significantly less than 6
million, Switzerland employs up yearly several moments as numerous
laboratory animals as does all of Soviet Russia with its 250
million inhabitants, but the place there is no income in the building
of medicines.”


-End of extract from IMPERATRICE NUDA / “Slaughter of the
Innocent” by Hans Ruesch, web pages 9-11.


I stated even more remark on Hans Ruesch’s terms would be

Nonetheless I just want to reiterate what I’ve stated previously:

………that to toss a coin would be a Significantly a lot more reliable
system of testing a new material for its protection for human beings than to
shove it down an animal’s throat.

If we toss a coin, we’ll get it right fifty for every cent of the time.

Heads it is risk-free, tails it’s unsafe.

By contrast, if we grant our authorization to our imbecile “experts” to have out animal checks, the mistakes multiply in geometric progression right up until we never know no matter if we are coming or likely. The result is the avalanche of “animal tested” poisons flooding into the setting at an
accelerating fee which will before long strangle the earth’s lifestyle assistance method

Just browse your newspaper (with your eyes open up this time) to see what vivisection is accomplishing to you.


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Extract from “IMPERATRICE NUDA / Slaughter of the Innocent” reproduced by authorization of Hans Ruesch, who has mentioned that his writings on this subject can be copied freely in an antivivisection context.




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Author’s note: the practicalities of publishing imply that I have to point out that this article does not constitute health care suggestions and that readers should check with a federal government-accredited medical practitioner for such tips. On the other hand, at the time of crafting, the point out continue to are unable to avoid you from pondering and understanding the truth of the matter.

-Peter Newman.


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