Whose Email Address is This? How to Immediately Find Out Name and Address of Unknown Email Owner


Have you been boxed to a corner, or pushed to the wall by unidentified e-mail senders? Have you become so frustrated by the avalanche of scam electronic mails you get on daily basis? This article is written to help you find an answer to the question; “whose email address is this?” Your computer should not be the target of your frustration, as a matter of fact; your computer is one of the two basic things you need to lookup email address.

How did your e-mail get to the hands of these people in the first place? The answer can be traced to all those electronic mails forwarded to other people. Each time you forward an e-mail to someone else, your e-mail gets exposed to more people. Another way of making your e-mail a public knowledge is through the forms you fill on forums and other websites. Now that you know how your e-mail finds its way into the hands of strangers, let us examine the ways by which these strangers can be identified.

Search Engines

Search engines serve as one good way of identifying owners of strange electronic mails. They help users to find e-mail owners by gathering information identical to the e-mail entered into the boxes provided. They draw their information from blogs, forums, and social network sites. Most people do not make any headway with these engines because they can only provide what “looks like” what you want. If you really want to trace email sender to get name and address, you need something more definite.

Social Networks

There are so many of them these days; and you are free to use their search boxes to look up unknown e-mail senders. If you are lucky enough, the person you are looking for might just belong to one of the popular sites like Facebook. Enter the e-mail of the sender into the search box and begin your lookup. Once the process is concluded, a result will be displayed for you to see. Like the search engines, you will be provided a long list of names and e-mails to choose from. Once again, you need something better if you really want an answer to the question; “whose email address is this?”

E-mail Search Directories

You can lookup email address in an online search directory to know who is behind the strange e-mails you receive. Interestingly, you have a choice of either using a paid service or a free one. The paid ones are better than the free ones when you consider how vast their databases are, and how often they update their records. You can trace email sender to get name and address with just a little amount. In most cases, users do not pay above $15.00 per search, and $25.00 for unlimited search.


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